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Mold is a serious issue

Our top priority is to create a safe and healthy living space for our clients, by restoring the air quality of your home or office

It takes a trained professional to accurately evaluate and manage any form of microbial contamination. We at Mold Experts are a team of highly trained and certified Applied Microbial Remediation technicians, based in Montreal,  certified by the IICRC/Clean Trust. 
In the event that your home has been affected by the growth of mold, or you suspect as such, Mold Experts has the knowledge, experience and specialized equipment to identify and handle this problem quickly and efficiently. 
Our sister company
Newsam Construction , has been renovating homes in Montreal since 1980 giving us the advantage of experience and care when removing mold and rebuilding after mold has been removed. 
Water damaged homes or offices are suseptible to mold infestation, Any residual moisture that results from flood water damage, leaking pipes and other forms of water leakage,  promotes the growth of fungi like Stachybotrys Atra which can be highly dangerous to your health. Some types of mold can even damage furniture, or put the basic structure of your building at risk.
Some other possible sources of unwanted moisture within the home include leaks within the roof, humidifiers, overly damp basements, continual plumbing leaks, and  improperly vented clothes dryers

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You can trust Mold Experts to take every measure to ensure all microbial contamination is identified and removed in a safe and professional manner in order to prevent any spreading of dangerous mold spores within your property.
  1. Moisture Detection
    Moisture Detection
  2. Creating a hermetic containment
    Creating a hermetic containment
  3. Full decontamination using hepa vacuum for air filtration
    Full decontamination using hepa vacuum for air filtration
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